Arafat Abou Chaker Ehefrau
Arafat Abou Chaker Ehefrau

Arafat Abou Chaker Ehefrau: In 2012, Spiegel TV disclosed on a litigation of an amount of participants of the clan. The filming was actually eclipsed through large scare tactics tries due to the clan participants in the corridor of the courthouse. The general public prosecutor’s workplace in Berlin designates the tasks of the man participants to orderly criminal activity.

Mafia-like Frameworks were actually “accurately existing and also have actually been actually created due to the courthouses”. “They devote criminal activities in the place of fierce criminal activity.”

Inning accordance with clan legal representative Stefan Conen, no court of law possessed accredited mafia-like frameworks up till 2013. In Nov 2021, numerous individuals, featuring 2 bros of the clan, were actually each penalized to approximately 5 years behind bars for forgeryof records, fraudulence and also indirect untrue qualification.

Arafat Abou Chaker Ehefrau
Arafat Abou Chaker Ehefrau

Arafat Abou Chaker Ehefrau Detail

They possessed secured a qualification coming from a notary using phony IDs coming from homeowner and also a phony investment agreement and also tricked the property computer pc windows computer system registry and also hence practically unlawfully ended up being managers of a building well really truly worth 6 thousand euros.

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Their demand was actually to re-sell the scammerized residential building. Considering that they possessed created confessions during the test and also given information support, their pre-trial apprehension was actually raised after the judgment was actually revealed.

The implementation of the custodial paragraph or even the commencement of the paragraph didn’t occur when it comes to each of all of them complying with the pronouncement of the paragraph. The rapper Kay One remained in the larger setting of the clan, yet left behind in very early 2013.

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Inning accordance with him, he has actually considering that been actually the intended of fatality risks and also was actually momentarily under cops security. In 2014, an claimed partnership in between the Abou Chaker clan and also the Hecks Angels was actually disclosed.

Arafat Abou Chaker Ehefrau
Arafat Abou Chaker Ehefrau

To name a few, Kadir Padir, head of state of the Berlin Hecks Angels, and also various other participants of the MC were actually viewed in a songs online video due to the rapper Bushido, understood for his shut links to the clan. A near hookup existed for years to the rapper Bushido.

In 2013, as an example, it ended up being understood through the Celebrity that Bushido and also clan participant Arafat Abou-Chaker possessed collectively approved one another standard powers over their whole properties.

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In March 2018, Bushido revealed through Twitter that he was actually no more dealing with Arafat Abou-Chaker. In September 2018, the rapper, that is actually right now near a participant of the Remmo clan and also is actually under cops security, launched his music numeration along with Arafat Abou-Chaker along with the track Mephisto.

In meetings, Bushido defines the connection along with words that he possessed “absolutely nothing at all to file” and also Arafat Abou-Chaker possessed “only chose every thing”.